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1.Introduction to being a Property 24/7 Estate Agent
2.Property 24/7 Induction Guide
3.Estate Agent Job Description
4.Estate Agents Business Plan – How to manage your time
5.Intern Estate Agent Logbook Information
6.Duties of a Principle Estate Agent
7.Mandates Explained
8.Open Mandates vs Sole Mandates
9.Qualifying Buyers
10.7 Questions to Qualify Buyers
11.What is a Real Estate Buyer Representation Agreement – (BRA)
12.Municipal By-laws
13.Easy Ways to Find and Work With For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Real Estate
14.How to Do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
15.How to Find Your Real Estate Agent Niche
16.EAAB Website
17.EAAB Exam Case Studies
18.Link to EAAB exam information
19.Video – How to Sell your House
20.Lessons from Robert Kiosaki

Marketing yourself

1.21 Questions we as Real Estate Agent Could Ask
2.Legalwise article: What a Seller needs to do in order to Sell their properties
These articles have been put together to assist us in our duties as Professional Estate Agents