The principal needs to be familiar with the logbook requirements and then meet with the intern to plan activities and provide opportunities for workshops and training. The principal has to sign off logbooks/activities weekly and monthly. As per the logbook requirements, monthly appraisal reports should be completed to certify the intern’s readiness at the end of the internship year.

The duties and responsibilities of the principal/mentor/coach/supervisor (“the principal”)
The principal is required to:

  • familiarise himself/herself with all logbook requirements;
  • regularly meet with the intern estate agent to plan workplace activities;
  • ensure that the intern estate agent is provided with the opportunity to be exposed to each new learning situation
  • sign off, in the intern estate agent‟s logbook, all activities that have been completed by the intern estate agent; and
  • complete at least a monthly appraisal report on the progress made by the intern estate agent and ensure that the appraisal report is inserted into the intern estate agent‟s logbook.